Evelyn, a modified dog
Viewed the quivering fringe of a special doily
Draped across the piano, with some surprise

In the darkened room
Where the chairs dismayed
And the horrible curtains
Muffled the rain
She could hardly believe her eyes

A curious breeze
A garlic breath
Which sounded like a snore
Somewhere near the steinway (or even from within)
Had caused the doily fringe to waft & tremble in the gloom

Evelyn, a dog, having undergone
Further modification
Pondered the significance of short-person behavior
In pedal-depressed panchromatic resonance
And other highly ambient domains...

Arf she said....

Evelyn, a Modified Dog Lyrics:Frank Zappa (guitar, lead vocals)
George duke (keyboards, synthesizer, vocals)
Napoleon murphy brock (flute, tenor saxophone, vocals)
Chester thompson (drums)
Tom fowler (bass)
Ruth underwood (vibes, marimba, percussion)
Bloodshot rolliní red (harmonica)

Evelyn A modified Dawg (the fighting robot)

I chose to name this Dog Evelyn after a strange song by Frank Zappa.

I've always liked The words and music that Frank and all of his band members created. I actually got to see his Band a couple of times in the seventies and eighties. Definitely a great and different experience..


Evelyn was built at the Robot Club and Grill where I worked until it closed. The build took about 4.5 days most of them about 16 hrs long per day. It was built quickly because only two Heavy's registered for the January tournament at the Robot Club. I told Fuzzy B.S were not just giving away spots in the triangle nationals.
The robot is really just a collection of parts from about 3 of my previous machines. It uses the 4WD drive train from My Super heavyweight Electric Lunch.

All of the tires and sprockets are supported on both sides with Zamak die cast pillow block bearings from Graingers supporting 1" keyed shafts.

The two drive motors are the mighty 3" S28-400 (4.5 H.P.) Magmotors from Robot books dot com.

The two batteries are just two 13 Ahr Hawkers.

The motors are controlled by a RDFR Vantec speed controller.

The tires are 10.5" diameter pneumatic tube type knobbys with split rims which came from northern tool. The six chains in the robot are made from #35 non roller type. Made in the USA. (I don't use the cheap Chinese stuff for combat).

The motors power the drive wheels through a double reduction that gives a final ratio of 12 to 1.

According to the math the robot can produce a total of 465 Ft Lbs of torque at motor stall. This gives a possible tractive force of about 1065 Lbs on a good day. The robot has a fair amount of pushing force and it can push its opponents sideways. It has about 5.37 times what it needs in tractive power just to move around.
Actually it likes to smoke the tires even at light throttle applications. I over powerd the robot to protect the speed control, the wiring, the motors, and the batteries.

It is capable of about 12.7 Mph on flat ground.

The frame is built from 1" square tubing with a  .065" wall thickness. The side rail of the frame are also supported by 1" schedule 40 steel water pipe that is also braced with 1/2" schedule 40 water pipe. This produces a double triangle effect and gives the sides some protection. The front plow weapon came from Half Gassed 2 then it was used on Electric Lunch 3 as a lifter blade. it's made from 1/4"  MILD Steel plate.  Now its perminately welded and gusseted to Evelyn.

Evelyn has been the most successful robot I have ever built it has won 16 out of 19 fights and 4 heavyweight titles. I can't figure out why it keeps going. So I don't even try.

My favorite part of Evelyn is the sound it makes with its tires in combat.
In some arenas it's like a continuous burn out for three minutes.
It almost sounds like the squeal that a dog makes when you step on its tail.
But to me when she speaks she says Arf.......