Steven Nelson

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Citrus Heights, California


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08-04 - present
Beutler Digital Home
Sacramento, California
Installation of structured wiring systems
Telephone/Data CAT 5E, Home and office networking, DSL, Cable and Fiber Optic modems,
video cameras, intercomm, 5.1 surround sound and distruibuted audio,
alam systems, central vacume systems CATV, SATV, RG6U
Customer service and network troubleshooting and repair of  above systems

9-03 - 5-04
Ace Hardware RSC
Rocklyn, California
Full case stock:
Certified Forklift operator.

Employment history
9/02 - 4/03
Robot Club and Grill
12120 Route 30
North Huntingdon, Pa
(724) 787-2852
Owner Michael Mauldin
Job title: Technical Manager, welder/fabricator, electronics, robot operator
Supervise employee technicians, video production, and event crew.

Parts purchasing and inventory control for store.
Create technical rule set and tournament procedures for robotic combat events.
Organize and run robotic combat events. Arena maintenance / fabrication
and judging events, oversee video production.
Perform as safety officer and technical inspector.
Design and develop prototype robots for combat and educational classes.
Create a lesson plan for introduction to building combat robots.
Create a lesson plan for advanced combat robot building.
Teach classes in radio controlled robotic combat fabrication, drive train and weapon design and tactics, strategy and driving skills.
Fabricate prototype robots, Metal fabrication, MIG welding, Gas cutting
Electronic repair. Circuit design, electrical wiring. Battery maintenance and sizing.
Assemble and maintain and upgrade video production system including 4
digital cameras, digital video recorders and a lighting and stereo sound
recording system. Assemble maintain and upgrade house video projection
system and sound system.

Hobbys include Competing in robotic combat competitions.
Designing building and fabricating combat robots using electrical or gasoline powered systems

4 time 220 lb Robotic combat Heavy weight champion.
1 time 1 lb Robotic combat Ant weight champion.
Power Tool Drag Racing.
Certified Forklift Operator.

3/00 - 4/02

Boomtown Casino
I-80 at Garson Rd
Verdi, Nv. 89439
(775) 345-6000
Manager. Drew Ha

Fun center Tech. Scissor lift operator.
Repair and maintenance of amusement and redemption games.Parts purchasing and inventory control.

Repair and maintenance of ride attractions including the Ferris wheel, the Carousel,
the Rodeo rider and a 40 seat hydraulic powered 3D motion controlled
theater with both 35 mm film projection and DVD digital projection.
Component level repair of all above equipment. Customer service and some
supervising of employees.

Owner/Operator Otto's Bar
1/99 - 12/99
102 E Grove St. Reno Nv. 89502
(775) 359-9337

Imagineering Systems
1/98 - 1/99
240 So. Rock Blvd. suite 143
Reno, Nv. 89502
Manager: Tory Smith
Route Tech, Driver
Installation and maintenance of computerized Keno systems including
repair of thermal printers, dot matrix printers, bar code readers, writer
stations, customer support over telephone, General knowledge of several
computer operating systems including DOS, UNIX, OS2, Windows NT.
Bench Tech
Component level board repair of above systems.

Starcade Amusements
10/96 - 9/97
1335 Greg St. Suit 103
Sparks, Nevada 89431
(702) 356-0622
Manager: Tom Quick

Route Tech, Forklift operator, Driver
Duties - On location repairs and installs of Amusement devices including: video
games, pinball machines, jukeboxes, kiddie rides, redemption machines, and
bill changers. Organized warehouse inventory and moved equipment with forklift.

Tip Top Amusements
6/90 - 7/96
252 Winter St.
Reno, Nevada 89502
(702) 348-5861
Manager Phillip Ybarra

Route Tech, Driver
Duties - On location repairs and installs of Amusement devices including: video
games, pinball machines, juke boxes 45's/CD's,bill changers, redemption
machines, bill changers, PA systems, and many other microcomputer
controlled devices. Including virtual reality machines, computer controlled
rides and complex rides with fiber optic links.
Bench Tech
Duties -Parts purchasing and inventory control.

Performed component level repair on all parts for all of the
above, including digital systems 8 bit to 64 bit computer systems, video
monitors X-Y and Raster scan, linear and switching power supplies,
audio amplifiers, game controls, I/O boards.

Circus Circus
5/88 - 6/90
500 N. Sierra St.
Reno , Nevada 89502
(702) 329-0711
Supervisor: Phillip Ybarra

Assistant Arcade supervisor
Duties - Supervision of 6 Arcade Attendants, customer service,
component level repair of all arcade machines, video games, vending machines
Harolds Club
10/87 - 5/88
250 N. Virginia St.
Reno , Nevada 89502
Supervisor: Linda Shirra.
Slot Host
Duties- Customer service, sold change for slot machines.

Reigal Fisheries
2/84 - 8/87
PO Box 324
Moss Landing, California
Owner Lowell Nelson
Foreman, Forklift operator, Mechanic
Duties - Bonded Weight master, supervised 26 employees both dock and
fillet room, unload boats, process fish, control inventory, make orders,
ship product, repair trucks, repair forklift , dock and fish processing equipment. also
computerized payroll.

From 1980 to 1983 ,worked as a Auto/Diesel mechanic in various
California locations. Experience working on and driving all types of vehicles ranging from
automobiles and Diesel trucks to heavy equipment to commercial fishing boats and
farm equipment, tractors and forklifts. Experienced at Arc/Gas or MIG welding and Brazing

Upgrading and construction of IBM compatible computer systems.
from a bare box to a fully functioning Internet Ready Turn key systems.
Including installation of the mother board, power supply, CPU,RAM,I/O boards,
sound boards, video boards, floppy drives, hard disk drives, CD ROMs,
CD recordable ,modem both internal/external. Set up IRQ/Com ports and
all of the software involved. Experienced at BIOS,FDISK, Dos 6.22,Windows
3.1,Windows 95,Windows 2000 Windows ME, Windows XP, Internet Explorer,
Netscape Navigator, Netscape Communicator, FTP and AOL software.
I've also been creating my own web pages.
I've learned most of this on my own (with a little help from my friends)

General Aviation Services
Owner George Kiesel (702) 972-1767 Flight Instructor Peter Thomas
Completed basic flight training on single engine fixed wing aircraft.

Private Pilot license, issued 7/92

Truckee meadows College
8/91 -12/91
Aero 1 - basic ground school
Course covered all 13 subjects needed to pass the Private Pilot written
GPA 4.0

Nevada Gaming School
10/87 - 5/88
Sparks Nevada
Studied electronics used in gaming and entertainment machines. Courses
covered electro-mechanical slots, basic electronics, pinball machines,
video theory, video games, electronic slots
GPA 4.0

Cabrillo College
Aptos California
Took several classes in computers. Learned three computer languages.
including BASIC,PASCAL,LOGO. Also took a class in aircraft engines.

Universal Technical Institute
10/79 - 8/80
Phoenix, Arizona
Studied automotive/Diesel mechanics. Courses included standard and
automatic transmissions, electrical systems, tune ups, fuel systems front
and rear ends, brakes, gasoline engines, diesel engines ,diesel fuel
systems, diesel accessories.
GPA 4.0

Soquel High School
Soquel, California
Graduated 6/79