Happy holidays to all, from Team Kiss My Snake (KMS)


Ya know there's nothing like the childhood thrill of preparing for the holidays..

It give folks a chance to spend time together surround by their favorite toys and games.

It a magical time of year getting the decorations ready for the nighttime display.

The icons of childhood past are everywhere just waiting for installation on the lawn.

The absolute joy of preparing the plumbing and wiring that brings the icons to life.

Ah the chill of winter in the air and the manipulation of cold metal and fittings.

The chance to be creative and trim an icon with love and care.


Young girls applying the ornaments to the icon.

With a lot of love even this Icon is starting to look good.

Of course the icon could use just a bit more lighting. Fortunately I brought a few extra lamps for the icon.

Our little snow friend looked quite happy on top of the icon.

Yes boys and girls our little icon is looking good.


Just about ready to the icon out into the yard for final assembly

The Young Girl, sure did a nice job decorating the Icon with globes and fruits.

Icons little helper is having fun with plumbing some more.

The Young girl helps with some power for the Icons primary lighting system.


And yet, a bit more plumbing.

Ah what a site to see.

Several other icons came by to provide primary lighting as well.

The lighting conditions begin to deteriorate maybe we had better light this candle.

Oh Tan-n-Boom Oh Tan-n-Boom. How you warm us on a cold Winter's night.

The secondary lighting system really helped out with the icons illumination levels.

Of course the low 38 deg F. ambient temperature limited the secondary lighting effect a little.

So we had to light the secondary V for Victory icon. Yes it needs a bit of nozzle length adjustment.

But... All in All the kids seemed to be having fun playing with the icons.

In fact, the fun went on and on.


Filming these effects sure give digital cameras something to difficult think about.

It's very hard to catch a small poof.


A short wide Man came by to say high and work on his Tan.

The short Wide Man showing off his dirty hands and enjoying the Boom.

The short Wide Man Wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

Of course the kids got hand held toys to play with. And they came with Batteries (well Dinosaur fuel actually).


The fun continued into the night.


Team KMS wishing you all The best that life can offer.. Good friends Good times and a warm icons to inspire your dreams and water cooler stories.

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