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Biohazard (Robot Books)
 Titanium construction low to the ground and a powerful lifting arm.
One tough machine!

An Amazing picture.
Carlo opened his toolbox.

Ray Scully

This robot has duel saw blades that extend and retract into the body using a linear actuator.

Ginsu (Impact Media)
Now a super heavyweight
The Blade wheels are custom made they cut in both directions. I've seen this machine saw right into the concrete street. It also makes a cool ringing sound when it runs on a hard surface.

Another set of blades(wheels) has been added now Ginsu can ride on any one of the three sets.

Ginsu is a very elegant robot and it uses the same design philosophy as La Machine they kept it very simple

Frenzy (TMZ)
This is the old shell for Frenzy showing the damage inflicted on it at Battlebots Long Beach.
I belive the holes were provided by an encounter with Nightmare.

Frenzy Sporting it's new shell for the Las Vegas event.
This robot has an Ax type weapon it looks like a splitting maul. The weapon is powered by two electric motors. The robot can also use it's weapon to self right itself when turned upside down.

The underside of frenzy shows a lot of planning went into design before any metal was cut. From what I understand the base plate was made on a CNC milling machine  (nicely done).

Slugger (C 2)
This Robot has a spike type weapon that hammers when the drive unit reverses direction. It was driven by Jason Bardis (Infernolabs)


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