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Killerhurtz  (Team Killerhurtz)
One of the entry's from Britain. They did very well in Long beach.

Killerhurtz features a pneumatic ax weapon and a body made of Lexan. It makes for a very strong body. Probably due to all of the small compartments.

This robot has lots of parts it's a very complex design. I still havent figured out what all that stuff really does.

John told me that they ship the robot in their luggage. I can imagine the baggage handler's love that.

Mortis (Team Mortis)
Another entry from Britain
It has a chopping weapon that hits about 4 times a second.
Can you say Sushi anyone?

Mortis also has a lifting arm.
The body Shell is made of bonded carbon fiber with Kevlar layered on top of a honeycomb sandwich. This is some tuff stuff. They gave me a piece to take home. I've yet to be able to hurt it much.

This is a front view of Mortis
The sheet metal on the nose is titanium. These guys don't mess around when it comes to materials.

I really enjoyed meeting and talking to everyone from Team Mortis.
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