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Razer (Team Razer)
This is another cool robot from Britian.
It's very manuverable and fast. It use'es a hydraulic powered claw with about 9 tons of force to crush it's opponents. It also shows a lot of artistic style in it's body design.

It also spreads it's hood or wings which is a crowed pleaser. This also helps in it's ability to self right itself when turned on it's side.

A toy robot brought in by a TV crew , for a sacrifice by Razer.

Razer eating RAD for lunch.

Namrecko 3000

Namrecko reminds me of one of the Dalick robots from the Dr Who Tv series.

Kill-o-amp (Kill-o-amp)
This Robot uses two modified starter motors for the main drive and is supposed to draw up to 1000 amps. Man thats a lot of current!

The robot uses speed and brute force to crash into it's opponents.
Nightmare (Team Hercules)
This robot can cause the competition to have bad dreams!

Nightmare spins this disk at very high rpm's so whatever it hits usually gets a hole in it!


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