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Rhino (Team Rhino)
This robot has a  powerful pneumatic ram driving a spike weapon . It punched 3 nice holes in the steel body of S.L.A.M at the first Battlebots held in Long Beach.

Rhino is a screwed together aluminum box construction. These type of robots are some of the strongest around. Can you say a tough nut to crack?

Ronin (Team Sinister)
This robot is a tank type design the treads were custom made using a CNC machine. It shows a high degree of skill in assembly and design. The lance weapon can be raised and lowered using a linear actuator

S.L.A.M (Team S.L.A.M)
Recent upgrades to the blades put us in the Super heavyweight class.

S.L.A.M also had chain weapons added which makes it about 8 feet wide when rotating. It's very scarey to stand next to when running.

Tazbot  (Tazbot)
This robot is very interesting to watch because it doe's so many things. The top rotates independent of the base.

Tazbot also has a powerful lifting arm and a blade type weapon on it's tail. Definitely a nice piece of work.

Stephen Felk built this robot in his one bedroom apartment He told me that he hand drilled and tapped over 1000 screw holes to build it.

Voltarc is a wedge design with a very powerful lifting arm in the center.
I've seen this robot carry two other heavyweight robots at the same time.
Ya Baby!

Parts Parts and More Parts

It is truly amazing how much stuff it's takes to support one of these machines.

Boy I can hardly wait for the Pay Per View event on January 29, 2000.


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