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Using the Arduino tips and links.

Official Arduino website.

Links to Arduino tutorials

Massimo Banzi (Arduino's CEO) teachs the basics of using electronics with the Arduino in this video series

Jeremy Blums  video tutorial series on YouTube

Jeremy Blums website.

The Open Source Hardware Groups tutorial series on YouTube.

The Open Source Hardware Group website

Robotics with the Board of Education Shield for Arduino

Andy Lindsay of Parallax re-wrote the BOE Bot book to work with the Arduino Shield.  Excellent basic robotics tutorial!

Arduino Stack Exchange ( A place to ask questions about Arduino)

Hardware Hacking sites.

(A lot of good projects. The accuracy of the builds, circuits and articles may vary. You may have to make a few changes to the circuits to work properly and safely with the Arduino from time to time.)

Instructables (just search this site for Arduino)

TinkerKit (lots of Arduino stuff, just search this site)

HackADay (lots of Arduino projects)

Electronics tutorials.
Basic Electronics tutorial<-- This is a good site.

An Electronics play list onYouTube

Getting Started in Electronics by Forest M.Mims III
 One of the best basic electronics books ever written

MAKE Electronics
A highly rated basic electronics book

..Great books about using and programing the Arduino

Getting Started  with the Arduino (A good beginner's book.)

The Arduino Cook Book 2nd edition (A Must Have, it's a Great Book!)
All of The Code from The Arduino Cook Book 2nd edition.

Making Things Talk ( A great book about connecting the Arduino to the world.)

Making Things See (A great book about using the Arduino with the Kinect sensor and the Processing language on a PC, MAC or Linux computer.

Making Things See website.

It's easy to use the Processing language on your computer to work with the Arduino.

The Official Processing language website.

Electronic parts sources for your projects..

Sparkfun (lots of good stuff.)

AdaFruit (Lots of good stuff and great tutorials.)

Maker Shed (The official store of Make) 

(Home of the BASIC Stamp, Propeller and a lot of great robot kits, sensors and Arduino support as well

Seeed Studio (low cost open source Arduino based boards and shields.)

Servo City (A great place for servos and accessories.)

Tayda Electronics (really inexpensive electronics.)

Deal Extreame (lots of things at low prices)

Robot Market Place (Robotic combat tested products, Ya we have tested this stuff, HARD!)

HobbyKing (Arduino clones. Very inexpensive like $18.00 for a MEGA 2560!)<Good Deals!

Robot Shop (lots of robotic parts.)

Trossen Robotics (lots of robotic parts and sensors.)

NTE Electronics
(The source of most of the  replacment electronic parts in the USA. )

Jameco Electronics (great electronics store, fast shipping too.)

Parts Express (Electronics supplier)

Digikey (Major Electronics supplier.)

Mouser Electronics (Major electronics supplier.)

Newark Electronics (Major electronics supplier.)

Ebay (a great source for parts, just search for Arduino.)  A note about Ebay: A lot of the sellers only sell Arduino Clones that claim to be Official Arduino boards. They may still work fine, but you should be aware of this when ordering... Also some of the stores are actually based in China so shipping cost's and shipping times will vary. For an example I recently ordered some Bluetooth boards and it took about 1 month to get them on the West coast of the USA. The parts worked fine but you have to be patient when using standard shipping..

(You can find a lot of cool stuff here.) Again be mindful of the Arduino Clones... 

I actually wrote this cover story about my bartending robot, Brandy's Bar.   ^^^

Magazines and Publications.

Make Magazine (A great magazine for builders).

SERVO Magazine. (An Robotic hobbyist magazine 
filled with great information and parts sources..)

Nuts and Volts (
An Electronic hobbyist magazine

filled with great information and parts sources..)

Brandy's Bar. My bartending Robot. Touch screen PC/Arduino based, programed in Processing.

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