Construction pictures


What we started with. A  MontgomeryWards lawn tractor.

Frame Rails clamped together for welding.

A little Electric glue Via the Arc welder.

Rear Differencial with berings.

Some Grinder action.

A nice piece of 3/16 T6 Aluminum (30 lbs for $18.00) not bad.
We think it was a center board out of a sailboat.

Nothing like having fun with the drillpress.

Ya I Know I'm grinding some more.

A poor Man's Milling machine. (It's called a file). Boy is T6 aluminum tough.

A Foote 3 speed manual transmition wih reverse.

We broke 5 Jigsaw blades and 1 Bandsaw blade cutting this *##@  piece of  T6
It was also hard on Titanium drill bits. I wish we could afford to build the body out of this stuff...

Oh Hi Mom. Whats for dinner? Wow Corn on the cob MMMM...


Ok Here it is. Thanks for waiting.

This is the view from the front.

As you can see theese are very used parts.

I finished the controls in the kitchen of my small studio apartment. Please don't tell my landlord.
Well Thats K.I.S.S without the shell. We should have that done in about a week or so I hope...
since this page was written on 7-24-99



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