Redesign and body construction

Well after we got the rolling chassis built we weighed the assembly and found it weighs 189 lbs and we still hadn't built the body yet. So we needed to loose some weight real bad. But where???

One part that could be made lighter was the front end since it came from a lawn tractor it was built very heavy duty out of 3/8 " plate steel.

So my Dad built a new front end out of   steel tubing. this new part with lighter pneumatic tires saved about 12 lbs. Nice work Dad.
We also had to cut down all of the extra metal used in the motor and transmition plates  and rear end bracket and drilled lots of holes whever possible that got the chassis weight down to 164 lbs.

Lighter leaner and meaner. (Ya baby).

Third design of the body mock up this is the final configuration because of the weight limitations. The body length is 54" the Body width is 36".
It's hared to call this a true wedge its more of a pusher.


Kiss Meets S.L.A.M

K.I.S.S meets S.L.A.M

We are pretty sure that an open wheeled robot will have trouble going up against S.L.A.M when it is rotating!!

Its along way up to climb over the top of S.L.A.M

During some indoor testing S.L.A.M got one of it's blades stuck under the workbench in the garage.

If you think that indoor testing of S.L.A.M  is safe you should have been there when it knocked over the Acetylene torches. Thank God it didn't break the end off the oxygen bottle. Can you say unguided missile.



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