Flaming Lotus Girls
The Angel of the Apocalypse

Tasha Lends a hand by doing some MIG welding on one of the large feathers.

All of the Feathers required a lot of welding. Even when they looked done, they weren't.
There was always something left to do on them

One of the great things about the box shop is the amount of time and effort applied by all of the members of this special place.

Tasha unleashes  the power of an electric Arc shielded in an inert gas and applies 7000 deg F. molten Steel wire to a large feather. Even though welding is based in Physics, it doe's cast a metaphysical aurora around the room. Even the Feathers shimmer with both pain and delight.

Late one night, Charlie has this intense brain storm. This is sorta a scary thing. So I tend to back away from Charlie when he's thinking. ;)

Charlie in a little calmer mode.

Usually when I'm doing fabrication, I call this, the pause for the ponder time.

Charlie in his abstract stage..

Ah Charlie is Back to normal, cutting a large chunk of pipe.

Charlie in silhouette checking out the bird head.

Charlie is marking out a cutout for the placement of some control valves in the birds Thorax. You can see some of the detail work in this piece with the piping representing the veins in the neck of the bird.

Well, this could use a little minor adjustment.

So about 2:00 am this large pipe appears and I'm wondering, what the heck it's function is?

Basically it's a flame enhance'er. Inside of the Thorax Charlie has placed a Large squirrel cage fan to pump air into the fire pit inside of  the birds head. This will improve the combustion of the wood and other burn able's. But wait!!, that's not all its for.

Just for a little more added fun the pipe will be capped with a cone and holes will be cut in the side walls of the pipe to control the airflow.

And that's still not all Kids! Two fuel lines will be run to this pipe one for Propane and one for liquid Kerosene. Just to kick it up a notch....

The pipe is built with a hump in the middle to keep the liquid fuel from back flowing toward the Fan in the thorax. I thought that was a pretty smart idea and a Good safety feature.

Of course at this point, I told Charlie that he's was nothing more than a Pyromaniac.
He looked at me with a smile in his eye and simply said "Thank You".

Heh... You Know, you really have to admire a man like Charlie who loves his work....

It takes a bit of figuring to get the angle correct for the mating of the pipes to produce the safety hump in the middle of the pipe run.

The Band saw makes quick work, cutting off one of the pipe sections.

John D Drills a hole in 91 1/4 inch bolts to act as jetting for the Kerosene outlets on the large feathers. That took awhile and John did it with a smile.

I worked with him on some of the problems that came up with the Kerosene pumping. There were Vapor lock and jetting problems on the Large feathers. We both took a shower in Diesel fuel and soot while trying to reduce the fuel consumption and keep the fire lit. We tried both  an electronic switching solution and then he finally came up with a mechanical fix for the dreaded Vapor lock.

The ultimate solution was a simple one . At the very top of the fuel pipe a reducer was added and a 2 ft piece of 1/4 inch copper tubing was formed in a loop back down the main fuel pipe.

Since this tubing is left open to the atmosphere back pressure was no longer created by the hot fuel heating the main fuel pipe.   John D is a  Smart fellow, I enjoyed working with him.

Charlie and John D discussing the Kerosene flow from one of the large feathers. The best flow rate we could get one down to was about 2 gallons an hour and there are 8 of them to feed. So they should use about 16 gallons an hour in a perfect world.

We figured the fuel cost would be close to $3000.00. Well it may be called an Angel. But it sure eats up a lot of Dinosaur Juice.

Maybe they should have called it a Pterodactyl

In case you may have noticed, the shop lights cast a green glow that is picked up by digital cameras. It's a strange effect.

There's a lot of Art from past events stored in the yard.

This is a DJ booth that will be used on the Playa.

This face sculpture is made from foam and it's a emotion generating sight to walk up upon at night time...

This is a Solar heated shower. The shower stall will be illuminated at night so the occupants inside can be seen in silhouette.  This is probably a good place to hang the obligatory (Objects are larger than they appear in Silhouette ) sign ...


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