Flaming Lotus Girls
The Angel of the Apocalypse

Another frantic build day continues, as the shipping date for the entire sculpture approaches. Men and Women from all over the the known universe converge on the Box Shop to give this Bird it's wings.

The Shop space is getting a bit cramped with all of the activity.

The build day continues.

More of the Large Feathers get some finishing touches.

It took many hours and many helping hands to finish the Feathers.

Dueling grinders.

You know with team work like this, almost anything can be accomplished.

Hey Wow, I don't believe it!!! Rebecca took a break!

A lot of work went into the wooden skeletal part of the project.

A large burn platform was built to contain the ashes and to help, Keep The Playa clean.

Projects filled both the Shop and the Yard.

Oh goody, more parts!

Several sections of the now completed burn platforms stack up in the yard.

"Hey are you done with the Plasma Cutter, Yet?"

Organization of the plumbing systems was handled using a computer to keep track off the complicated routing of fuel and power needed to fire up this Bird.

Entering data is not always fun but it helps to keep things in order. Keep in mind that all of this stuff has to be shipped to practically the middle of nowhere and missing anything is BAD.

Hey it's Simone holding up part of the Birds head

"What do ya think Girls?" " Does this piece line up all right?"

Oh dear Lord! Simone has been ingested into a Giant Birds mouth!

Simone preparing to do some metal shaping.

Simone is working on the plumage that mounts to the Giant Birds Head

A little fun with the fourth state of matter (Plasma) and  another Plumage feather is born.
I recently demonstrated to Simone how to use a oxyacetylene cutting torch.
That might have been a mistake.  Now she uses it all of the time and she won't give it back.

Boy you give some Girls the power of slicing through metal like butter and they want to redesign the world.


Ahh... A little dirty, are we? So much the better. ;)

After a long build day, Simone is off to yet another event that she is working at during this weekend. I often think of Simone as the Cruise Director for the entire Bay Area. She is usually involved in just about everything that's going on. She's someone special. That's for sure....


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