Flaming Lotus Girls
The Angel of the Apocalypse
Burning Man 2005

Photo courtesy of Caroline Miller
The Angel is alive and Poofing!

Photo courtesy of Caroline Miller
The Angel showing her stuff...

Fire is a primordial addiction for many. It provides the physical consumption of the fuel from the heavens. It's interesting that the combustion process uses the basic elements (Hydrogen, Carbon and Oxygen) that the life on this planet is created from.

 It was mentioned that standing within the perimeter of the Angels wings was like being enveloped in a "Womb of Fire."  That seems a fitting description and a nice tribute to all of the Women and Men involved in this project.

My limited  involvement in working with the Flaming Lotus Girls rekindled My respect for others and the fascination of creation and construction of unique things and the social rewards gained from the cooperation and Team work of a special group of people.

Rock on! Flaming Lotus Girls....



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