The Rebuild of Electric Lunch
(Combat robot)

Super Hi-tech C.A.D drawing of the new frame.

Original frame Mock up in Wood of course.

A little more pondering of the ride height.

Ya that looks pretty close. Lets start cutting metal.

The first piece of metal cut, one of the inner frame rails.

After the rail is cut and a lot of measuring. The mounting holes for the bearings are drilled and extra holes are cut to create slots for the chain adjustments.

Ya were still drilling holes. A two way adjustable vice makes the job easier than doing it by hand.

After a few more hours of cutting and measuring. The outer frame rail receives its bearing mounting holes and slots.

All right the right side is assembled. Gussets were welded underneath the bearings for strength.

Wheels shaft centerlines are determined and the ride height is established.

Well now we just have to make the other side.

Now that both sides are assembled we are back to the Pile Of  Parts stage.

Well it looks like we have plenty of room for all of the parts.

At this stage I'm thinking of how to arrange the parts for function and weight distribution. Since I haven't built the weapon yet I guess at a good arrangement for counterweight.

Boy I wish the welding table was a little bigger some of the parts wont fit on it.

So Far so good No major problems yet.

Boy that Team Toad sure gets around they even have a sticker on our drill press.

Envoking the mighty power of the Team Toad sticker. Maybe it will help us drill better holes.

Team S.L.A.M using a little Voodoo on a Team Toad sticker. Ah were just kidding Fuzzy..  :)


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