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Well we got a lot done for the first day but there is a long way to go..
Here's how day two went...

Another brisk February day in the Sierras it's warmed up to a balmy 26 Deg F. in the garage.

Fortunately we now have a propane heater in a few hrs we can get the shop temperature up to a sultry 45 Deg F.

Man there's nothing like cutting axle shafts early in the morning.

After the shafts are cut to proper length the ends must be ground to provide a chamfered end for easy assembly into the bearings and hubs.

After the shafts are prepared both sides were reassembled. Then we had to build an assembly jig using the welding table. Since we are building a box shaped frame. We use a square to place angle iron on the table at 90 deg angles. First we clamp them and then we will tack weld them to the table.

Getting the jig angles is critical and takes a lot of time. Since this jig is the only straight edge will use to assemble the frame on.

After the angle iron is check and clamped to the table it's time for welding. I look forward to welding especially on cold days.

Ahh that feels better. Finally some heat for my ice cold fingers..

I have to make a lot of quick tack welds down the length of the angle iron. You don't have time to doddle since the metal will start to pull or warp because of the intense heat of Arc welding.

When welding it is a good idea to wear long sleeve cotton or leather shirts that are fully buttoned up. The Ultra violet radiation from the arc will give you a nasty sunburn. Also looking at the light or even it's reflection will burn your eyes and you will be unhappy. Arc flash is really painfull it feels like sand in your eyes.
Always wear protection for all of your body parts.

After the jig is welded to the table the frame rails are placed inside of it. I will then tack weld the robots frame rail to the jig and also the table as I add the crossmembers and the end plates to the frame rails. The reason for all of this work is to hold the rails as straight as possible and to prevent any bending caused by the heating and cooling of the Steel. It is truly amazing how much Steel will warp when you weld it. The only way to keep parts straight is to secure the heck out of it.

The Shop is locked... The Torch is lit... It's Robot building time!!!...

One of the best ways to tell if you have done a good days work is if you are bleeding. If your leaking that crimson vital fluid you have been working.


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