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Combat robot

Yet another day of construction.

We had already cut and installed the rear frame rail. shown here sitting in the jig. After it was welded I had to grind loose all of the tack welds to remove the frame from the jig and the table.

Before I removed the frame from the jig I welded these braces to the open end. These were placed on the frame so everything remains straight while I work on the mounts for the jack shafts. The green pieces of metal came from an old bed frame a good source of cheap angle iron.

I cut mounting plates for the outer jack shaft bearing out of 1/4 inch steel. I also had to cut a shim out of some of the frame material. This is placed underneath the plate so the plate will sit flush with the inner and outer rails for welding.

I also had to raise the frame 1/4 inch off of the table to allow the frame to sit level. I used a couple of pieces of 1/4 inch aluminum plate for this.

After the top of the mounting plate was tack welded I turned the frame over and tack welded the bottom of the plate. This way it wont move when I weld it solid.

Both side are tack welded and are ready for a full pass.

The top of the plate is welded and the bearing mount is added.

Well it's a permanent piece now. As you can see Arc welding can leave a lot of residue especially when welding in a confined space with nowhere for the smoke and slag to go. All of this stuff will have to be removed. Basically this mess consists of tiny Steel balls that come from the rod and also a glass coating that comes from the flux on the rod. You really have to get all of this stuff off because the balls can get knocked loose in combat and be really hard on things like chains and electronics. One little Steel ball can derail a chain or destroy a speed controller if it gets on the circuit board.

Another thing that Arc welding applies to the Steel is a layer of rust. This comes off pretty easily with a wire brush. I always leave a little on my robot just for luck. This is a little excessive so I will remove most of it.


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