Electric Lunch
Combat robot

Well it's day Four it's time to get started.

Well today started out good it's 9:15 AM and its already 30 Deg F. I'm still going to start the heater for a while though.

Time for a big cup of coffee while I ponder my next step.

Well this mornings project is to mount a base plate. This plate is made from 1/4 inch 6061 T6 Aluminum it will be bolted to the inner frame rail from the bottom of the robot. It will be used as a mount for the battery's, drive motors, speed controller and the radio and the electronics. I'm not sure what its finished length will be since I haven't built the weapon drive yet. The weapon drive will have to be made from Steel.  So I'll cut off the extra  part of the Aluminum plate later.

Boy everyone who has built a fighting robot knows this procedure well measuring and drilling holes. Drilling Aluminum can be very messy the shavings seem to go everywhere.

Well I finally got all 10 holes drilled and the bolts installed and tightened. I decided to stop at this point because I know the weapon motor will mount  right about this area. So I'll turn the robot back over and see how the parts will be arranged. I have to strip several parts off of the previous version of Electric Lunch. Then I'll start on the motor mounts.

Mmmm... There's nothing like a good cup of Coffee on a cold day. Especially with some Aluminum shavings  for that extra added flavor and pick me up.  Well at least I'm getting my minerals. And no it doe's not taste like chicken ;)


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