Electric Lunch
Combat robot

The saga continues....

Well it day 5 and today's plan is to make the mounts for the Bosch motors.

I decided to make a set of mounts similar to the ones used in the original version of Electric Lunch. Basically they will support both ends of the motors.

Bosch motors have been known to separated their end plates under heavy loads and impacts. So I like to add a face plate to the drive end of the motor to prevent this. After rough cutting an 1/8 inch thick plate with the torch, I drilled the mounting holes for the studs provided with the motor.

After clamping and tack welding the motor plate to a piece od 1 1/4 inch angle iron. I ran a full pass alone the motor plate (it's permanent now). It will require a little trimming.

One of the problems in building an invert able drive train is keeping all of the parts as low profile as possible. The cutting torch comes in handy for this task.

Although it is possible to cut round shapes with a band saw I just like using fire.
Lets face it... Fire is fun.

Of course when cutting thin plate with a torch warpage may occur. So I usually try and cool the metal with water. Well it's Winter time and a snow bank actually comes in handy for cooling hot parts.

The other mount is made from a piece of bar stock with a 4 inch automotive muffler clamp welded to it.

I like using muffler clamps for motor mounts since they are already round and very strong. you can support a lot of high horsepower motors with these guys.

After reassembling the mounts on the motor i check to make sure the motor is sitting flat and square on the table and I tighten the U bolt one muffler clamp. I have to be careful to not over tighten the clamp because it can actually crush the motor.

I drilled an extra hole in the flat bar and the angle iron so I can cut slots later for chain tension adjustments. I try to make all of my mounts adjustable to allow for chain stretch. I usually try to have one chain length of adjustment.

After the mounts were made I aligned the chains and drilled mounting holes in the base plate on the robot.

Now that the motors are mounted the drive train is almost complete.
All I have left to do is cut the key stock for all of the hubs and sprockets. I need to make 14 of them. That will take awhile.


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