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Combat robot

Day 6
It's time for key stock and chain cutting fun.

One of the fun projects involved cutting and fitting key stock to all of the sprockets, hubs and shafts in the robot. I have to make 14 of them just for the drive train. I start with a piece of 1/4" key stock. This particular key stock is .002 inch over size. So I will have to hand file it down to fit easily into the drive train components. I clamp it into a vise with a rag to protect it. I have also stained it red to help me keep my filing work even and square..

I use a single cut draw file and try to make long even strokes to bring the key stock down to size. Each piece will be cut off with a hacksaw and hand fit to its component. This takes a lot of time but it is worth it to me. It will make assembly and more important disassembly at the event easier. Just in case I need to change a part quickly. A little work now will save a lot of work later.

As I wear off the red stain I can tell how well I am doing in keeping the
key stock square.

After all of the keys are cut, filed and fit. I have to make another set of chains to match the first set I made when laying out the drive train. I put an allen wrench through both the precut chain and the new chain I wish to cut. Then I square up the ends and lay both chains down on a frame rail to find the other end where the new chain will be cut.

After I find the link to be removed from the new chain. I mark it with some soapstone. Now all that needs to be done is to grind the chain's pins down flush with the side plate to make pushing the pins out easier on the chain breaking tool.

I grind the crowns off of the pins. This takes the strain off of the breaker tool.

Now that the pins are ground off flush, it  will be easy to push the pins out.

Time for the chain breaker.

This chain breaker will do eaither # 35 or  # 40 chain.

The primary weapon drive also uses a chain.



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