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Well it time to get started on the weapon mount.

Basically the weapon drive started out as a big nasty piece of 5 inch angle iron the chunk is 3/8 inch thick so it should be pretty strong. It is basically a flame cut mount int the Backyard warriors tradition. I burn't the gearbox mount out of the same plate and then I made a jig to hold it onto the angle iron while I welded it.


The Gear box had to be off set to line up with the drive motor. I also tack welded angle iron onto the gearbox mount to support it while the welds cool.

Time for a little electric fire....


Another picture of  blinding light.

Does this guy ever run out of Rod or what?

A small piec of scrap steel was also tack welded to the gearbox plate to hold it from moving whe the final weld is applied

After the plate was welded, it was time to spend some quality time with the drill press. I have to cut 6 mounting slots in the beefy chunk of steel.

This is the first weapon drivetrain test at 12 VDC to break in the Mag motor for 30 mins in each direction. At 12 VDC the Mag motor was turning 2100 rpm's with only the gear box as a load. The motor will turn 4100 or so at 24 VDC.

Well ok We have a drive train now we need to build a weapon mount. It's time to break out some pipe and some measuring tools.

So all of this stuff goes like this. (Well kinda sorta) ;)

An assembly jig was made to help align the pipes to the frame for welding.
There was a lot of measuring and leveling involved for several hours.

Later that day every thing is glued to the frame and some braces are tack welded to the pipes.

Well hopefully the weapon will fit in this pile of pipe.

A spacer need to be made to offset the weapon gearbox for belt clearance So My Dad made one from some 1/4 inch aluminum using a milling bit in the drill press to cut the hole for the gearbox housing.

This process taks a long time but it does work. My kingdom for a plasma cutter.

One Spacer made with the poor mans milling machine.


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