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Well it's been a couple of more weeks and I'm back to the pile of parts stage. At least a lot of them are bolted in.

This Robot has become big puppy now its over 68 inches long. It's mostly made from good old Steel with a little aluminum thrown in for flavor.

Hopfully it will run when inverted. So I added some Trangles of Terror to the flat sides for a mini roll bar effect.

I had to move the weapon drive back in the frame to help counterweight the disk weapon. This required also moving the speed controller the radio reciever/electronics box and the contactor from their already mounted positions. Ah whats another 18 holes to drill. The old holes are now lightning holes.

The weapon is drivin by a 4 inch Mag Motor that drives an angle drive gearbox which turns dual belts to power the weapon.

The weapon drive is adjustable by tightening a jacking bolt and sliding the entire weapon mount on slots cut in its base.

The tensonier is nothing more than a couple of pieces of angle iron and some nuts and a length of 3/8 inch All thread rod. It's pretty simple and is quite strong

The big green box is a Curtis Albrite contactor this will control the high current flow to the Mag motor. It will provide motor braking and forward and reverse weapon control. I've had to move this thing 3 times. ARRRG!!

Hopefully all this work and rework will turn this disk at a 184.5 mph tip speed.
I haven't got the teeth back for the machine shop yet but they will interlock into the slots cut into the disk. The disk is supported by a square hub riding on tapered roller bearings on an 1 1/4 inch shaft. The hub is sanwitched between two A frames made from schedule 40 gas pipe and some 1/4 inch plate steel

The disk is 27 inches in diameter and the teeth will bring the spinning diameter to 31 inches. The teeth will weigh around 6 lbs each. I spun just the disk up and it's sorta scary when it becomes invisible and you feel the wind blowing.


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