Power Tool Racers
These are our first attempts at building  power tool racers.
These machines are built to compete at the Power tool races held in Sanfrancisco on June 12-13, 2004
Our goal in building these types of machines is to set the fastest time possible on a  12 inch wide 75 ft long track .
Our other goal is to keep the cost of the machines low.

The machines are built to run in the modified class.
The rules say the motor must have originally come for a power hand tool.

Other than that they have fit inside of a 12 inch wide track and you can use your imagination. The event will supply up to 40 amps of 120 VAC power for your racer. You can even use a gasoline engine that came from a hand tool (chain saw, weed whacker ETC.)
The Power Tool Drag Races 2004
All American choppers, Dragsters, motor bikes, chain saw's and steam ironed hot dogs
See the rules before building...


The first racer we built uses a Skill 9 inch angle grinder for powers it's rated at 5000 rpm at 12 amps 120 VAC. It has a very simple frame to support the motor using 1 inch angle iron Steel and some thin wall 1 inch square tubing. The smiley is optional of course.

The second racer we built uses a 9 inch Metabo angle grinder . It's rated at 8500 rpm's at 15 amps 120 VAC.

This racer is a lot longer and heavier it is made from 1 inch square thin wall Steel tubing.
It was built longer because the angle grinder was a bigger model then the one used on the first racer.

The power is transfered to the rear axle and wheels with sprockets and #35 chain the rear axle is supported by pillow block bearings. The axle is made from a 1 inch diameter shaft. The tires are 10.5 inch pneumatic gocart tires. This is way overkill for a small machine like this. But we are using these parts from our Superheavyweight robots to keep the cost down. Of course this is also very heavy. 1/2 inch axles and bearings would be better for this application to save weight.

Basically both racers are the same except for motors and size. On the front and back of each racer we mounted rubbing blocks made from UHMW plastic to guide the race between the side rails on the race track. The width is adjustable from about 11 inches to over 12 inches so we can set them for track conditions

We mounted 1/2 in shafted steel rimmed with bearings lawn mower wheels to the solid 1/2 inch steel axle.

Since there are no brakes to stop these things. We mounted a bumper on the front to protect the drive motor and frame when it hits the futon barrier at the end of the track. We are hoping for speeds of about 60 mph.


Well this is what we ended up with Three count them Three racers..

The newest racer was an attempt to save a little weight. We made it a 3 wheel design using a 11.0 X 7.00 inch racing gocart tire and wheel this saved about 6 lbs of weight compare to the othe two.  We built this one using a Skil angle grinder that we bought broken for $3.00 at a flea market. I think it's the fastest one we built so far.

Hopefully these guys will be competitive against all of those nasty Skill saws and belt sanders.

Well went went to the Races and heres an event report...



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