The Power Tool Drag Races 2004 were held in San Francisco at
Ace Auto Dismantlers  on June 12-13th.  What a wild and crazy event this was.

Boy I'll tell ya what, I've done a lot of stuff, from Tractor pulling to Flying Airplanes, Robotic Combat and even went to the Burning man in 2001. Recently Team K.I.S.S and Team S.L.A.M found a whole new way of having fun with technology and lots of interesting folks.

We went Power Tool racing and stuff.......

The Power Tool Drag Races 2004
All American choppers, Dragsters, motor bikes, chain saw's and steam ironed hot dogs

Knowing that many of the toys that people tend to create for technical competition, can and will kill you! We were comforted by the posting of this sign acknowledging the fact that we would be working with trained and qualified personnel. (Ya Right)

The safety staff was always present to keep folks out of trouble and a high degree of professionalism was shown by their leader. Shown resting here ready to spring into action action at a moments notice.

The man in black is Charlie Gadeken a well known, respected and infamous artist and the event organizer.

It's a beautiful thing to see folks working together clearing out the old wreckage in the spirit of fellowship, sportsmanship and the desire to make room for the industrial powered machine races and the fires and  Semi controlled explosions to follow.

Sniff!! Makes ya sorta misty. Don't it ?

The Race track is 75 feet long built from chip board and 2 x 4's standing on their edge to guide the racers down the 12 inch wide track surface.

The track conditions tend to change a bit during a race day, from the wear of circular saw blade cuts, chain saw gouges, periodic scorching from flame throwers and burning liquids leaked on it both intentionally and unintentionally.

Power for the electric power tools is provided by a large generator and power cords laid down alongside the racetrack and doubled back to the starting line.

Folks come from all over the know Solar system to lend a hand in clearing the track and viewing areas of obstructions.

After Saturdays racing and excess nominal track wear. The entire surface was replaced on both tracks using a state of the art wood shaping machine.

The diligent repair crew labored long and hard to replace the 150 feet of track surface. It really doe's take a lot of work to put on an event like this.

Always on hand, Seasoned and professional announcers are seen diligently studying their notes and builder Bio sheets. All in preparation for the 9 hours of almost constant talking, Cat calls, Put downs and other landslides of B.S.  that the audience and the competitors would have to endure.

These guys were cool...

The video production crew had several announcements they needed to record and the fine folks on the announcing stand pulled it off with perfect three part disharmony.
Featured announcers included John Hell, Chicken John and Hal Robins (aka the Reverend Dr. Howling Owll)

Charlie listens intently to the multitude of sound takes required for a video production.

Charlie is totally impressed and amazed by the fact that the sound bytes are finally completed.

The sound system was housed in this dark and mysterious room....


 The Massive and Ultra Stealth, Semi Secrete, Non-Nuclear powered, fire control system provided the Mega 120 VAC to feed the mighty racers their fill of Free Range Electrons.

Jim Mason also a respected and infamous artist was also the Co-event organizer and a strong competitor as well.

I had the honor of racing against his machine in the first race on Sunday in the modified class.  This is were I learned a new concept of time. It's called a Mason moment. To some of us on (Earth time) that's about 30 minutes of waiting for Jim to get his stuff together.

Personally I think he was trying to psych me and the rest of the planet out. That's probably a good strategy.

Jim ponders his next move of the day, which should occur any time now........ Or at least sometime in the near future...........

Actually he's pretty amazing, it appeared that he built his machines as needed before every race.

The darn things were fast too.



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Races sponsored by the Q-Box.

Team K.I.S.S