The Power Tool Drag Races 2004
All American choppers, Dragsters, motor bikes, chain saw's and steam ironed hot dogs

Once things started rolling we were treated to yet another fine rendition of the national anthem

 It was performed on a 12 string Electric Guitar by this fine fellow..

Well, we did have to wait a little while longer.. I think the camera guys batteries had died...

Thousands of eager fans (well maybe dozens I don't do math) filled the sidelines of the track and the mood was festive and charged with, Dare I say it?.............


A multitude of Flag Girls were ready willing and able to start the days action.

Oh Wait! Jim's building a New machine again......

The poor fellow in the Steel helmet, head actually caught fire while standing in the blistering Heat of a San Francisco Spring afternoon.

That turned out to be a good thing.

Especially if one needed a light of their particular brand of smoke.

As the races began it was standing room only. Eyes straining to see the amazing action and ballistic speeds that the racers were capable of.

The Flag Girls and the Flow Control officer discuss procedures for maintaining a steady flow of racers to the starting line.


Some fans wisely choose a high vantage point to get the best possible view of the track.

The professional Flag Girls practice their starting routines. Arms up means READY......

Arms down means, GO!!! After a few attempts, They all get the motion down perfectly.

Nicely done.



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Races sponsored by the Q-Box.

Team K.I.S.S