The Power Tool Drag Races 2004

All American choppers, Dragsters, motor bikes, chain saw's and steam ironed hot dogs


Lets check out some of the amazing Machines.

This machine is powered by 4 angle grinders with wire brushes for drive wheels. When using AC motors you have to rewire the motors brushes, so they all will turn in the correct direction, depending on how the motors are mounted in the frame.

Nice Beaver....... (Actually I believe its a Rat). This machine is powered by a drill motor that uses a very unique interlocking angle drive using the shanks of bolt as pins driven from the chuck on the drill motors and engaging bolts on the front drive wheel.

The Bitch... Belt sander driven racing machine with an attitude.

Chain Hur:
Gasoline powered chain saw engine that uses the cutting chain to tear into the track and provide traction. The non driven wheels come from in line roller skates.

Chain Hur also sports a maiden in chains for a pilot. She's one serious racer and not to be taken lightly.

Gasoline chain saw engine powered racer. The engine drives the rear wheels with a #25 chain. The engine is started and run up to full speed and the machine is dropped onto the track when the green flag drops. The machine builds up a lot of inertia in the drive wheels, so it launches real hard.

A custom starting platform and a set of head phone ear protection is the sign of a serious power tool racer.

 This Skil saw powered racer using a timing belt drive and duel saw blades to provide the traction.

Lionel Graves: Sleek aerodynamic body and skate board wheels for track guides.


Charlie built this Unique twin powered racer it uses both a electric Skil saw motor driving saw blades and a air powered rear wheel.

The Air pressure is stored inside of a small pony Keg pressurized to about 100 PSI.

Two rather high Tech racers

Paint Can Charlie: This machine uses two Harbor Freight 12 VDC cordless electric drill motors running off of 24 VDC worth of sub C cell NiCad batteries. The motors are controlled with a embedded micro controller called the BASIC Stamp 2. Basically it's a tiny computer running a program to turn on transistors to power the motors for an adjustable amount of run time between 4-8 seconds.

The other racer also uses two Harbor Freight 12 VDC drill motors running at 24 VDC. It is controlled with a radio transmitter and uses a IFI Victor 883 speed controller it is also powered by NiCad batteries.

The little Piggy is powered by a Belt Sander, it's rear legs kick as it is moving. This was done using a cool set of rubber cams and a crankshaft mechanism driven off of the top of the Belt Sander's main sanding belt.


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Races sponsored by the Q-Box.

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