The Power Tool Drag Races 2004

All American choppers, Dragsters, motor bikes, chain saw's and steam ironed hot dogs

Lots more racers.

Most of these machines ran in the modified class.

A Skil saw powered dragster sporting a long aluminum frame and lightweight plastic Lawn mower racing wheels.
Notice the angled placement of the Saw motor to offset the weight of the Saw motor and provide maximum weight on the blade.

From the Backside you can really see the angle of counter balance required to make a Skil Saw racer slash and burn through the track and the competition.

Swropshire Slasher: Angle grinder powered racer with a custom Aluminum disk. Sporting Steel Studs for Super traction. The custom front spoiler and rear wing provide the down force at high speeds to keep this puppy on the track.

Skil Saw powered racer with a chain driven, studded rear wheel and a areodynamic body and a 5 wheel contact patch to keep it stable.

If ya take your basic Chain Saw engine and mount half a tromebone to it for an exhaust pipe. After that add a chain drive and a set of spiffy spoked wheels to it. You too can build a mighty gasoline powered racer. The cool thing about this machine is ya just clamp the throttle wide open. Then just jet it go untill it runs into the Futons, Spectators (or whatever). Then you get to dig it out of a tangled pile of stuff, while its still screamming wide open and pull the spark plug wire to shut it down. (NICE)...


A Skil saw motor and drive and a lightweight frame ands some skate bord wheel to keep it between the lines. Make for a fun and fast machine.

Big nine inch Angle Grinders for motors. Big gear reduction, Big tires and Steel frames.
Classic Team S.L.A.M/K.I.S.S creations. We never can build anything lightweight.

Darn Rednecks and Stuff.....


Ya ok Jim, Team K.I.S.S is paitiently waiting to Race..........

Bring it on Buddy!

Jim?...... Jim?.....

Now where the heck did he git to now?........ ;)


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Races sponsored by the Q-Box.

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