The Power Tool Drag Races 2004

All American choppers, Dragsters, motor bikes, chain saw's and steam ironed hot dogs

The Ride On Class:     (Or, How to bust your Ass in a matter of seconds)

This class is where you should really  wear a helmet.

Trust me I know......

Fortunately some Rednecks are HARD headed......

A little Riding music 300Kb wav file

The Big Wheel: Is an Inertia drive Full size Dragster about 15 feet long. It is driven by two large nine inch Angle Grinder motors that run small tires rubbing on a HUGE Diesel Truck Tire, Rim and Brake drum. The single rear drive wheel weighs at least 300 lbs.

The rear tire assembly is spun up with the friction drive until it reaches full speed and it builds momentum.  Then it is dropped to the ground and this monster launches down the track.

This machine uses several of Newton's laws of gravity and probably violates a couple of them.

Nasty, but fun as well..

This machine was actually un-ridden. But it was powered by a large Drill motor and also had a impressive Propane flame system that was almost safe to be around. Well I did say almost...... Right?

Very impressive design using a Chain Saw engine and a bicycle frame and a impressive double gear reduction.

This machine also used a inertia starting method. Basically the rider pulls back un the handlebars to lift the rear wheel off of the ground by using the rear wheelie bars for leverage. Then the engine is run up to full speed and the rear tire spins up. Then the incredibly brave rider drops the rear wheel to the ground.

Almost instantly all heck breaks loose and this little monster launches like a Scalded Tomcat down the race track with the rider hanging on. (Well sorta hanging on actually).

Scary, but Very impressive and Very fast.

The machine with the yellow wheel is actually powered by a home made Turbo Jet engine running propane for fuel.
The engine use's a Turbo charger from a automobile with the compressor side of the turbo pumping air into a combustion chamber made from a a stainless steel medical filter housing. The Super hot gasses created in this combustion chamber are fed into the turbine inlet causing it to spin and as it turns, it spins the compressor side to pump more air and fuel into the turbine inlet.

The engine runs faster and faster depending on the amount of fuel provided. The thrust produced exits through a 2 inch pipe and force's the vehicle forward.

This is a totally cool (Actually very hot) way to power a vehicle.

The green machine uses a large electric angle grinder to drive a belt and then a chain to drive its rear wheels. It also has a shock mounted wheelie bar to keep the front end down when it launches.

The Phoenix  This machine is powered by a Chain Saw engine. It uses a belt drive to motivate the rear wheel. This project actually started out as an engine mounted to a small scooter and evolved into a work of art.

Apparently some one mentioned to the builder that it looked like a Sea Gull to them.

(See what happens when you ignore the warnings about not eating the Brown Acid, because it's bad).

When you start seeing Red Fuzzy Sea Gulls, "Your having a bad trip.. Man"!

The Phoenix was ridden by his girlfriend, She was fearless!! That women is definitely a keeper..

A very stylish design using a Large Electric Skil saw for a power source.

From time to time function can follow form.

Nicely done....

Gee those darn guys from Sacramento built yet another racer.
I guess you should never leave you old bicycle out for trash pick up when there's ex mountain folks across the street.
I found the bike on Wednesday night we built the racer on Thursday and Friday. The day(s) before the race.

The Racer is called Triple Threat. Because its a Trike. I named it under extremely low pressure while signing the consent forms at the event.
It uses a 135 CC 2 stroke gasoline Rescue Saw engine. We tested it about 3:00 PM on Friday afternoon and found it would barely move my 250 lbs of M(ass) with the original gear ratio.

So after a lot of colorful language and dinner we added added second reduction for a final gear reduction of 8 to 1.

We finished welding and swearing at it at 2:00 AM Saturday morning. And we never tested it before our first race. It actually suprized me the first time I raced it.... I hope they got that one on film ;)

After our first race we discovered that the primary chain had a bad link. So we had to replace it in the pits.

It pays to inspect everything carefully after every run.

Well it ain't exactly an $70,000 (American Chopper) from Orange County Chopper. But it's not bad for a two day build.

This machine has Two Very Large Ancient Skilsaw motors for a power source.

I'm not really sure what decade of the last century that these motors were made in. But the fellow that built this machine told me they weigh about 40 lbs each.

I really like this machine it has a lot of style and the motors remind me of the Art Deco designs from the 1930's

Heifer Halfer. So Named from the tool that the 240 VAC 3 Phase motor that powers this monster came from. That's right Kids the motor came from a Huge Hand held Band Saw, used to cut Cows in half in a Slaughter house.

The machine was built by Alexander Rose and Reason Bradley from Inertia Labs.

Basically it uses a gocart frame and that huge motor spinning a custom built 20 lb aluminum flywheel with a chain drive.
The rear wheel of the racer is lifted off of the track using a simple wooden lever and fulcrum. Then the motor spins the rear wheels and that flywheel up to speed the the racer is dropped onto the track.

Instantly it sends the driver (victim) on their way to glory or at least the end of the track.

(If they are lucky enough to stop before meeting their maker)

Or course the Inertia Lab guys are well known for their prowess with pneumatic systems. This racer shows (That yes, Their  Pneumatic Kung Fu is STRONG!). Two Nitrogen bottles pressurized up to 2500 PSI. feeds a Large Air powered Skil Saw motor that powers the rear wheels with a chain.

Riding this happy machine requires Guts and a Hard Head (Brains are not required) since the Pilot of this thing lays flat, head first across the nitrogen tanks. Well at least they added brakes (THIS YEAR) and the rider did have a crash helmet. Of course there is no steering other than leaning ones body.

I heard rumors that the Pilot was also wearing a Diaper on his other end. Probably a Smart Idea. ;)

This thing is VERY FAST!

Yep, the Triple Threat Trike will actually move me down a the track. (Well sorta)


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