The Power Tool Drag Races 2004

All American choppers, Dragsters, motor bikes, chain saw's and steam ironed hot dogs

And what about the floor show?.......

The Half time show included a set by The Extra Action Marching Band  .

Primal Drumbeats from the large percussion group accented with the sounds of a brass section and a dance troop highlighted this 20 minutes show.

As the band played on. It gave the builders and competitors a chance to do some repairs to get their machines ready for the final rounds.

Intricate dance steps, flags , banners and flowing motion mesmerized the crowd.

Most definitely an entertaining experience.


 I can't forget to mention the Ass Waxing booth. Yes Boys and Girls, for a nominal service fee you too could have your Ass waxed.  A world class racing pit crew will remove all of that stubborn hair that is known to cause friction and wind resistance when riding high speed Power tools.

 In accordance with the rules of the International Ass waxing fellowship:

Any excess skin removed during the Waxing procedure will be returned to the original owner if so desired...

 During a hard day at the races you can always find refreshments at the Snack (BAR) offering Soft drinks, Beer, Hamburgers, Steam Ironed hot dogs with an actual Iron (I think it was a Kenmore) and if your feeling sassy a Vodka Snow cone. (I don't think those were for sale though) but I did notice a few folks munching on them.

And of course the The Power tool Drag Races would not be possible without the supporting cast of characters and the many organizations they represent.

The Shipyard
Laughing Squid
Robo Lympics
Extra Action Marching Band



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Races sponsored by the Q-Box.

Team K.I.S.S