The Power Tool Drag Races. May 2006
Ace Auto Dismantlers aka (ACE International Speedway)
2255 Mc Kinnion. San Francisco, California.

Team Dash for Cash and Team K.I.S.S and their racers

Magdelena. (Team K.I.S.S) Citrus heights Ca.
This racer uses a nine inch Metabo angle grinder rated at 15 amps and turning 8000 RPM's.

The frame was heavily damaged during it's first run since the tarps and tire barriers were not installed at the end of the track.  The racer blew past the end of the track and hit a pallet jack at high speed. Thanks to the help from My Team and My Dads team we got it running again.

I spent a lot of time playing with the gear reduction ratio to get this racer to run quickly.
Magdelena came in second in the final round in the Super stock class.

Miss Mary Jane. Team K.I.S.S) Citrus heights Ca.
This racer was built to run as a 4WD machine But in testing a week before the event it crashed and damaged the front axle. I had to fix it fast so I converted it to 2WD and added a front axle and some lawn mower wheels. I also change the motor to a Bosch nine inch angle grinder borrowed from Matt and Wendy. I had to repair the motor since the brushes were rusted in their holders and the commutator was burned. I tested it with the new motor and it was still too slow. I decided to decrees the gear reduction. But I didn't have time at home so I brought it to S.F in pieces and took it to the Box Shop on Saturday. I changed the gear ratio and modified the motor mount. I welded it back together and hoped the un-tested mods would make it faster. Fortunately they did.

In this picture you can see where the front drive axle used to be mounted. Well before I bent it.

Wendy Maxham did a (Great job) repairing and racing this machine to take 4th place in the Super Stock class. I had to Beat her with Magdelena and I think she also lost to Road Rash

Olds Cool (Team Dash for Cash) Citrus Heights, Ca.
With Olds Cool my Dad built a light weight racer using a short aluminum frame.
He also chopped sectioned and stretched a Van using Budweiser cans to give a racer a little class.

In testing we found that the racer was too light and very unstable when launched the racer flipped over backward. The Skill nine inch angle grinder was moved way forward and it still flipped over.  My Dad then added wheelie bars to the back of the racer. The tips of the wheelie bars have roller bearings on them to reduce friction.  I believe Old's Cool took 6th place in the Super Stock class

Suddenly (Team Dash for Cash) Citrus Heights, Ca.
Suddenly is a machine pieced together from a bunch of design experiments. it's frame has been chopped cut and modified and welded back together so many times. It's hard to remember all the things that were tried. I remember front wheel drive, duel grinder motor drive and 4 saw blades for rear wheels. It also was tested with several different gear ratios. After all this testing My Dad decided to make the front axle pivot on a bolt to keep the saw blades from bouncing down the test track.

Suddenly came in 5th place when it threw a chain in the quarter finals.

For a  very old Skill nine inch angle grinder that we bought (broken) for $4.00 at a swap meet that's not too bad.

Suddenly, Sitting next to Dewalt Assault  in the pits.

DeWalt Assault (Team Dash for Cash) Citrus Heights, Ca.
This racer has a BIG BLOCK MOTOR.

This nine inch angle grinder has the highest horsepower and torque rating we could find with many hours of searching on the internet.

It is interesting to note that in the operation manual it says....

Run this grinder for a few minutes and then set it down and rest your arms..

The manual also says that this tool, WILL cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome!

That impressed us, so we built a racer with it.

DeWalt Assault

In testing we had a lot of problem trying to control this monster. We tried using up to 5 saw blades for drive wheels.
During one test the machine jumped the track and cut a large slice out of My Dads Jeep truck fender.

This motor is just Nasty. We finally found a happy gear ratio to tame it down a bit and it became our fastest racer.

DeWalt Assault Won first place in the Super Stock class when it beat Magdelena (Me) in the final round. Both racers were Undefeated up to that point.

Miss Mary Jane in it's 4WD configuration before I wrecked it on this run...

After the Power tool Drag Races 2004 we built a full size test track. I also rewired the electrical panel from My Dads house to provide 220 VAC at 50 amps to the launch panel. At the launch panel I split the voltage down to 120 VAC to feed the racers.

Our Test Track...

Miss Mary Jane, Now 2WD and using a harbor freight grinder motor.

One of the many methods we used to stop the racer's This one used a padded plastic trash can.
We have tried tires and tarps, a large heavy wooden box, rope that broke (we hit a car on that run)  and trash cans as well.

My Dad's neighbors have learned not to park their cars around us when we are doing testing.

The track has a digital timer hacked from a stop watch. Since I couldn't find any cheap optical switches. I just mounted two micro switch's one on each end of the 75 foot test track. Then I strung sewing thread across the track to trip the stop watch's start and stop switch's. This is how we got very accurate test results. With this information we were able to test many different designs and then refine the gearing for each motor and racer.

Suddenly racing DeWalt Assault...

All of this work and building ( We call it Trial and Terror) seemed to pay off, since we did pretty good at the Power Tool Drag Races 2006.

I mentioned to Judge Dave, that yes,  Sunday was my parents 46th wedding anniversary and that My Mom got cold and had been sitting in the car for the last three hours of the event!

Dave came up with a new award. It was announced that someone had won an award for.....
The Least Likely to Get Laid!

I saw my Dad (in the Pits) laugh out loud when they announced that one...

Well until they called out....

"Will, Lowell Nelson please come the announcers stand and pick up your trophy".

Boy, the look on his face was surely a Kodak moment.

You know, Im Really a Gear Head. I like playing with machines and science.

But for some reason in S.F I've been labeled as a Redneck.

For the life of me, I can't imagine why...


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