The Power Tool Drag Races. May 7th 2006
Ace Auto Dismantlers aka (ACE International Speedway)
2255 Mc Kinnion San Francisco, California.

Pro Super Charger Racers.

(Need Name)  Eight lawn mower wheels, four motor and of course a flame thrower.
There must have been a sale at habour freight...

Yep, It's The Power Pool Drag Races.

Shure, it's Kosher...

Schhh..mokin #1.... Team Schh...mokin (San Francisco, CA, )


Four motors each driving a saw blade and a real working propane powered barbacue

The racer even cooked Hot Dogs as it was tearing down the track.
Of course the Hot Dogs were raised free range and fed nothing but Organic Meat by products.

(Need name). This racer was powered by 220 VAC. the racer did not have the correct plug for the provided launch system so the Team actually had a member touch wires into the junction box to feed this monster. So with a little danger, some arc flash, a little smoke, the rear wheels were spun up and then the racer was dropped to the ground for an attempt at a inertia launch.

What the heck kind of tool is this anyways?


(Need Name) Soldered copper pipe made up the frame and duel routers driving saw blades powered this racer

Double Barreled (Team CTP)
 A wooden baseplate supporting, Duel spring loaded four inch angle grinders, spinning saw blades rubbing on the track's two by four guide rails. Powered this little beastly


Bunny Shark Mini. The Flaming Lotus Girls. (San Francisco, CA)

Yeah!! Girl Power in action!

Duel four inch angle grinders power this machine using custom blades and wire wheels.
The stylish frame supports the drive system and a propane fueled flame thrower as well. A pair of wings provides high speed stability while the machine is incinterating it competition.

Tasha Bird (One of the Flaming Lotus Girls) working on the propane fuel system. Making fire art is fun...



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