The Power Tool Drag Races. May 7th 2006
Ace Auto Dismantlers aka (ACE International Speedway)
2255 Mc Kinnion San Francisco, California.

Photo courtesy of Scott Beale (Laughing Squid)

Power Tool Drag Race 2006  Videos

Miss Mary Jane video   11 MB download. Video courtesy of Lee Sonko

Stil Born  7 MB download. Video courtesy of Lee Sonko


More Pictures

Rick Washburn's pics

Tim Zin's pics

Scott Beale (Laughing Squid)

Phil Spitler's pics

Make Magazine (with cool 5 min video!)

Race Results

Super Stock
1st: Dewalt Assault, Dash4Cash
2nd: Magdelana, Team KISS

1st: Double Barreled, Team CTP
2nd: Monorail! MonoRail!, Team Impotence

Awful, Awful Altereds
1st: NeoCon Outlook, Team Schneeveis
2nd: Monorail! MonoRail! Monorail!, Team Impotence

Funny Car (Ridden)
1st: Thor, Inertia Labs
2nd: Matt Dawg Express, Team Kiss My Snake

Unusual Designs/Top Fuel
1st: Big Bang Barbie, Team Schneeveis
2nd: Fox1, Team Fox

Sex Toys
1st: Scratch, Thingum
2nd: LPD, Team LPD


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