The Power Tool Drag Races. May 7th 2006
Ace Auto Dismantlers aka (ACE International Speedway)
2255 Mc Kinnion San Francisco, California.

Super Stock Racers

Cast Iron Bitch. Team Washburn (Foster City, CA )

Extreme angles on the guide wheels provided stability and the angle of the saw drive motor keeps the weight on the saw blade for maximum traction.

Killer Easter Bunny. Team Washburn (Foster City, CA )

A saw motor and blade propel this Happy Flower Adorned machine down the track

That darn Cast Iron Bitch Keeps popping up with her golden hair and her perpetual smile.
I think she's trying to taunt me.

(Need Name) A Skill saw motor powers this machine down the track and a LARGE pyrotechnic device ignites with a LOUD BOOM!!
That got my attention.... of course it shoots out  fire and smoke and other nasty bits as well...

It was sorta crowded in the Pits this year.
But as long as there was room to set down a Beer, Balance was restored to the force(s) guiding the Power Tool Drag Racing universe.

Buffer The Vampire Slayer. Team Korntee (San Francisco, , ) Evil Signtist
 Buffer used (Yep, you guessed it) A Shoe Buffer motor riding on the top of the guide rails to power this mighty machine .

The Butcher. Team Cowcatcher. San Francisco Ca.
Powered by a large vintage angle grinder driving a chain to a shaft supported by bearings from a garage door opener, spinning four seven and a quarter inch saw blades. which are arranged in a front wheel drive configuration. All of this mechanical happiness is protected by a Cow Catcher similar to what can be seen on locomotives.


Watch out you Bovine Bitches!! The Butcher is coming to fillet your Min yon.

Steve the builder is a pile driver and welder by trade. He also helps out at the Box Shop.


Dirty Sanchez 3.0 Team Overkill Cult (San Jose, CA)


The Screw of Damnation. Team Overkill Cult. (San Jose, CA)

Sworshire Slasher (yes race fans the Slasher is back once again)

The Slasher runs a four inch angle grinder driving a custom made spiked wheel turning 11,000 RPM's

The Grinder is supported by a wooden base plate and it rolls on tiny little wheels.

A rear wing provides the down force necessary to keep this deadly machine on the track.

Roadrash. Team CTP. (Concord, CA)

Road Rash is powered by a worm drive Skill saw found on the highway after it had fallen off of a truck.
Skate board wheels and nylon track guides complete this very fast racer.

(Need name). A fearless pilot in the flame engulfed cockpit controls this belt sander derived racer.

Track guides are provided by inline skate wheels.




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