The Power Tool Drag Races. May 7th 2006
Ace Auto Dismantlers aka (ACE International Speedway)
2255 Mc Kinnion San Francisco, California.

More Super Stock racers.

(Need Name)  Sporting a beefy Aluminum frame, A modified version of a belt sander drive system using a large angle grinder for that big block performance edge. The Zoomy pipes add to the perceived performance mods A wheelie bar was added to the rear to tame the massive amounts of torque applied by the big block motor.

(Need Name) A Black and Decker Saw motor powers this tricycle design.  Inline skate wheels keep the party rolling.

(Need Name) A Large Skill angle grinder powers this machine saw blade drive wheel and a Shark fin provide the vertical stabilizer.

A small Blue Haired Troll empowers this racer with a bit of luck and levity

SSpider 8. TTeam 15 (San Francisco, CA)

The drive system for SSpider 8 consists of a wooden base plate supporting pipe nipples to mount the large Spider to. The spider also had a flapping Bat hanging in front of its Fangs.. Creepy..
The Motorvator is a Dewalt angle grinder with a saw blade mounted directly to it's output shaft.

I don't mean to scare you Buddy, but there is a rather large Spider crawling on your left shoulder.


RRat-7 TTeam 15 (San Francisco, CA) (The fastest Rat in the Junkyard)
Also angle grinder driven and motivated by a need for cheese

TTeam 15 (San Francisco, CA)

(Need Name) A nice welded steel frame supports this chain saw engine which is driving a roller covered with conveyer belt material for traction.

A Cool hand made roll bar protects the engine from the inevitable crash that always occurs at the end of the race track

A very simple and elegant design.


The large drive wheel shown here has the traction material pop riveted on to the roller. Note the expansion pipe on the engine this type of exhaust system really helps two stroke engines breath and make better power at specific engine RPM's. Of course a gallon of Dinosaur Juice is handy for refueling the infernal combustion power cycle.



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