Team K.I.S.S took a few pictures at the Robolympics of the robots from the Robo 1 competition. These machines are amazing. All of the photos are in a large format for a reason. I wanted to capture of the joints and structure of these machines as possible as much detail as possible. If your on a dial up connection go get a cookie while the pictures download.

This robot uses timing belt drive in part of its hip joint.

Many of the Robo 1 machines are using rather exspensive digital servos. they cost about $100.00 to $120.00 per servo. I've counted at least 14-20 servos in some of the robots.

After looking at the robots I began to wonder. Who is stamping out all of the support parts?

The solutions for the walking part of the robots appears to be becomming sort of standardized. But I have noticed at least a couple of variation in the hip and ankle configurations.

To really appreciate the function of these machines you really have to see them in person. I was very impressed in how smooth the joints work and how little gear reduction they appear to have when the power is not applied.




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