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Some of the motion control involves crouching and squatting probably to provide a lower center of gravity. the design of some of the hip, leg, knee and ankle joints exceeds the function of the normal human appendages. I know I can't bend and flex like some of these machines.

It' incredible the amount of tiny detailed work that goes into these machines

The machines are capable of very fine movements here's a little foot sweep action.

Standing toe to toe these machines do seem to produce an emotional response from the humans watching their actions.

After a knock down the machines exhibit a fascinating assortment of self righting abilities. These functions are pre programed and run as routines by the computer.

Out matched in size but not in ability the little servo guy bravely faces a much larger opponent.

The larger robots are going at it again.

It was interesting to expedience the subtle and precise control of these machine and the friendly form of grappling. All the while being assaulted by the deafening sound of huge crashes and metal destroying explosions, plus the roar of the crowd coming from the RFL combat arena only a few feet away.

Boy what a difference in cultures and yet a common goal, pushing the limits of science and technology. What a great event this was to attend and compete in.

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