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Rules in english can be found at the Robo-one web site under Asia Robo-one.

Robocon Magazine:

Robo-one Team pages
Babelfish Translator
Bandai Robot Laboratory
Eiichiro Morinaga
Jin Sato's home page
Jin Sato's robot factory
Open PINO Platform
Robot design inititave
Pino the humanoid
Kitano symbiotic systems
Ito's homepage
Nishimura Robot club
Humanoid Project NR-ONE
Robot Garden Now selling Robo-one KITS and parts!
Fukuchi robot project
Model workshop
Walter Fritz's Robby the intelligent humanoid
Robot' Lots of stuff here....
Mobile Robot Lab University of western Australia (check out Johnny Walker)
Thomas Bräunl Mobile Robot Lab director
Robo Cup
Fraunhofer AIS
AIST's MR1 project
The Robotics Club of Yahoo (TRCY)
Koji's Mobile Robots

Related sites:


Servo controllers and servo control software
Basic X
Parallax   Home of the BASIC stamp now with a 16 servo controller board
Lynxmotioncheck out the Atom board
16 channel serial servo controller for robotic applications Portland Robotics Society
Medonis engineering
Buffington effects
Competition Robotics.
Northlight systems
Renolds electronics
Dyer Technology
Ormec motion control
Having a soft
New Micros

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Robo1 fights
Robo1 fights page1
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Robo-one videos
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Team K.I.S.S
Antweights (Servo Hacking and Stuff)
Team K.I.S.S Tips (Math and stuff)
Battlebot builders guide
The Builder (short story)
Construction pictures of K.I.S.S
 Underground Robot Streetfight
Electric Lunch
Battlebots Vegas pics
Robotic Links
My Resume
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