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Page originally written June 1998.
Steven and Lowells Attack Machine...
About a year ago...
in a town far away...
in a place called Fort Mason...
There was ...
Robot WarsTM
Which my Father and I both attended and we were intrigued...
By all of the cool designs and technology.
  I videotaped most of the event and while watching the tape we decided to build our own.

We both have backgrounds in Auto/Diesel technology and I work on Electronic Video games and Pinball machines
So we pondered all of the different robots we saw and tried to come up with an effective design.

That took a few months..

We decided to build a Heavyweight because making things small is hard.

We don't use much Aluminum.
We don't use any Titanium.
We are using Steel.
Because its easy to Cut ,Weld ,Harden ,Bend
Oh and by the way its STRONG.
(Of course it is also very heavy)

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