Some New Pictures of S.L.A.M                          10-30-98

This is the current Drive platform it shouldn't have to change much from this version... I hope

This is the life support system. Otherwise known as feeding time.

Guess what it's too heavy (before rule changes) which happened after the August event that got canceled...
This a Quick loss diet program

Part of the Diet program about 11 lbs worth. We also replaced the drive wheels that had cast iron rims with aluminum rims. Also 1 of the batteries with smaller ones.  Weight Reduction Cost $300.00 a LOT of money for 16 lbs.  Now because of rule changes we can put the weight back on.

Your Basic Robot Lab???
The floor was painted red before We began testing S.L.A.M it  rides CLOSE to the ground. It's like a big rotary shaver especially on the high spots.
It's also been hard on plugged in electrical cords and the acetylene torch hoses.
The pet dog also fears it (Poor Posie) she runs for her life. Good Idea I'd run too.


No Matter how many times I tell him how dangerous S.L.A.M is. Otto still likes to ride it. With judgment like that maybe I shouldn't let him fly Airplanes with me.
He's such an animal...

 Well we are still waiting for the legal battles to get over with. So any competition is still in limbo. We do have plans to test S.L.A.M against a riding lawnmower that my boss is giving me. To get it out of his backyard. If we can get it running it will be a tough opponent. I call it Crunchy...

The Big Picture...


This picture shows the drive section in all its glory.


The Rotator
 The ultimate Weapon? We think it should be effective. The Rotator turns about 90-200 RPM,s and weights 54 lbs. The Blades stick out about 10 inches at the bottom edge. It has been tested against concrete walls which it eats. We also tested it against a Milk crate that had 190 lbs of lead and big rocks and stuff in it. The Crate was just sitting on the floor. S.L.A.M flips it over easily and tosses it into the air.

The Sound of S.L.A.M eating an extension cord. (he he)

We Gladly Feast on those who would subdue us....

Team S.L.A.M is ready and waiting. For You!!


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