Underground Robotics Street Fight

This is an early test version of Ginsu

This is Do-all

DoAll has a tank tread design and a gas powered cutting blade

This is Do-little  Team Machine's first robot

This is Ginsu a cool new Robot from Team Machine

Ginsu again. This thing eats concrete!!

Trey getting eaten By Ginsu (Film at Eleven)

(Middleweight) Junior

Feeding time for Junior

You might not believe it but Juniors arm can lift a heavyweight WOW

La Machine just arrived at the secrete battle ground

The fun part of heavyweights. Carrying them

Greg Munson tuning up La Machine

Greg's not an actor. (But he plays one on TV)

La Machine with pneumatic weapon deployed

S.L.A.M Waiting for Battle

S.L.A.M all buttoned up

S.L.A.M Testing the radio

Stephen Felk (Voltarc) and Jim Smentowski (Hercules/Junior)

S.L.A.M gets flipped by La Machine
Check out the action packed video of the fight!!
 Ya ok we got turned on our backside
Doe's this  qualify as the 4 foot drop test?
 The damage was very minor we broke a battery mount and a battery
got wedged between the drive unit and the rotator.
All problems where repaired in 10 mins thanks to duct tape.
And maybe a few colorful Metaphors.
For some more really cool videos check out team Hercules web site

We'll we learned some things at the fight...
1. Mess with the best. Die like the rest.
         2. The people involved in this sport are cool.
           3. We need to do some modifications  to win.
Do not fear S.L.A.M fans. We will be back!!



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