Hey Howdy S.L.A.M fans.. Well here it is May 31,2000
And oh boy we got us another Battlebots match coming up. It will be held June 9th-11th in San Francisco at the Fort Mason pavillion.. Yeee Haw. (sorry it's a redneck thang).

Well any ways with any luck Team S.L.A.M will be there again fighting as a Super heavyweight. in the 325-488 lb class. After the last battle in Las Vegas we decided that good old S.L.A.M needed to be a lot tougher and heavier. So as usual my Dad broke out the cutting torch and the arc welder and another pile of steel. Basically most of the modifications are structural. We get tired of knocking parts loose. We have also gone to Dual drive motors instead of the single motor drive unit. Of course this required adding another battery moving the speed controller twice. A complete rewire job twice. And then of course the chain saw motor needed to have the carburetor rebuilt. My Dad also built a new belly pan. To help protect our soft white underbelly from the arena saws. For all of you Super heavyweights out there there has been some modifications to the rotator weapons.... Well you'll see. If I showed you then I would have to kill you to keep you quiet He He....

S.L.A.M 2000 drive unit....

As always there is way too much stuff crammed into a very small space.
I look forward to bending some metal in June.



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