S.L.A.M 2000
Recent modifications to the super heavyweight fighting robot

S.L.A.M 2000 has been upgraded to use dual drive motors and dual drive wheels. Gone is the single motor drive and steering brakes

Adding another drive motor required more battery capacity so we added a 7 ah powersonic gel cell battery to provide the needed current flow.

The new drive unit weighs 156 lbs which is a lot of stuff crammed into a 26" circular drive section

My Dad doing a little Creative Acetylene Design with the cutting torch on the belly pan. We needed to add this pan to protect us from the deadly arena saws and spikes.

S.L.A.M now has Shark fin shaped steel teeth added to the ramps in an effort to inflict a little more damage to our opponents.

The teeth and the blade are coated with Hard facing welding rod. This tungsten carbide rod applys a surface hardness of about Rockwell 50 and yet the steel under this coating is still soft mild steel so it should still bend in stead of breaking. We also coated the bottom edge of the rotator with this rod to protect us from the arena saws. This is why all of the edges have a rounded appearance to them. Once applied to steel hard facing can not be cut with a saw and it can not be machined. You can grind it but its not easy.

Other than these modifications we also added a 26" plow disk made from FARM STEEL to the top of the rotator to protect the robot from hammer type weapons. With the plow disk added the rotating weight has risen to 147 lbs.


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