Tell tale signs of a builder.
Black smoke, sparks and fire belching out from under a tiny garage door.
Panicked screams highlighted with four letter words and nervous evil laughter as the builder thinks out loud.
The builder ponders to himself with a gnawing fear. Darn there goes the cleaning deposit and Moms going to be mad again.

The builder...

Work continues into the night until the builder can no longer see clearly.
 The builders right hand is throbbing from an earlier struggle while fitting a sprocket to a slightly oversized axle shaft. A momentary slip had left a nasty cut deep into his index finger on his right hand. The cut was hastily repaired with a paper towel and wrapped with duct tape to keep his life supporting fluid from leaking onto his work.
The builder thinks to himself "
Ah it will probably grow back someday once the infection subsides and I must get this gear train lined up"

More gear reduction, more gear reduction is the builders mantra in an effort to create more torque and less current draw.
 The thought of protecting his motors and electronics from stall is the builders passion.
The crude math scrawled on a dirty crumpled scrap of bar napkin is his key to survival.
 As the double reduction drive train takes shape and the chains are cut to length the builder pauses for a few minutes.

He takes another bite of the day old pizza that has been sitting on the work bench since the night before. The builder is superised by a not too unfamiliar taste that the pizza has acquired from dirty hands. "Hmm PJ1 chain lube does go well with pepperoni" he thinks to himself with a twisted smile. A long sip from a long flat and warm soda and the builder is refreshed enough to continue on his quest.

 The builder marks and cuts 14 small pieces of key stock and lovingly hand files and fits them to each of the robots sprockets and wheel hubs. The key stock must fit lose enough for easy repair and yet tight enough to not slip. The work causes the builders fingers, shoulders and arms to ache from repetitive stress. But It must be Done! his mind shouts to his tired limbs. Thoughts of uncle Fester from the Adams family sharpening the spikes on the garden fence flash through his mind for some unknown reason.

 The task finally completed the builder inserts the keys into their slots and the builder is pleased with the fit. Except for one that gets stuck and really pisses him off. A few whacks with a hammer and a screw driver and then the realization that he will have to remove the whole dang axle to remove this stubborn key. ARRGH!!! screams the builder out loud into the cold night air.

 An hour and a half later this small simple five minute task is done and the drive train is FINALLY installed. The builder then pauses an sits down for the first time in 12 hours. Ahhhhhh he groans in the pleasure of relaxation...... He thinks to himself and exclaims aloud "Boy I hope I get to kill something with this machine".

 With that thought still burning in his tired brain the builder reaches for his mighty Mag motor and gently carries it to his soon to be assembled drive train. The builder stumbles on a socket laying on the cluttered garage floor and drops the precious power plant onto the concrete floor. Figures!! he exclaims followed by a few quickly chosen four letter words.

 The builder carefully inspects the Mag motor for damage and notices only a small dent in the aluminum housing.

Thank the maker is his only thought.

The builder installs the Team Delta custom motor mounts on the Mag motor and is impressed with their design. Simple and yet beautiful.  The builders mind is now racing with the thought that just eight more holes in the base plate and two chains and the drive train will be complete. Two hours and two broken drill bits and a smashed left hand later he was right.

I GO BED NOW!! was his only thought.

After 4 hours of sleep the builder awakens to the sunrise. The builder stumbles into the kitchen looking for pizza which he finds partially freeze dried in the fridge from two nights before. Ewww nasty, too dry. He thinks.

 The builder as always finds a solution to this minor problem. The builder grabs a large coffee cup fills it with water and a measured hand full of instant coffee and places the cup and the rock hard pizza in the microwave. Three mins later coffee is hot and the pizza is all better. The builder knows he better eat the pizza quick before it turns to stone again. Taking a large bite of the now nuclear hot pizza, the builder is mindful of the third degree burns now covering the roof of his mouth.

Fortunately he was able to wash that inferno down with some boiling hot coffee.  "Ahh that's better!" he squeals as the family Cat runs for cover from the 150 Db. shrieking. So begins another build day.....

The builder returns to the garage coffee in hand. Cautiously sipping his coffee with his scalded mouth the builder surveys the previous nights work.
Cool, lets get to the wiring he thinks.  Wiring has always been the builders favorite part of building since he knows that it is almost time for testing his new toy.

To prepare for this task the builder installs the batteries, the power switch,  the radio and the speed controller mounts.

Six hours later he remembers his coffee and takes a sip of this now ice cold liquid  after that he actually starts wiring all of the circuits together. The builder makes one connection at a time measuring cutting and crimping all of the wires for the machine. After all of the work is complete he decides to solder all of the crimped connections.

The builder plugs in his trusty 50 watt 1000 deg F. Super Soldering iron and pauses for a few minutes while it heats up.

Temporarily distracted buy something shiny on the floor the builders eyes leave his work and his left foot catches the power cord on the soldering iron. The iron then falls from the bench. With lightning fast reflexes the builder catches the fragile tool in mid air by its glowing tip in his unprotected left hand.

 (Ladies and Gentlemen in all decency) I can not impart to you the words that came out of the builders mouth at this time. The reaction in the surrounding neighborhood was immediate and shocking. Windows were broken, flocks of birds flew away (in fear) large dogs coward  and covered their ears and small children began crying in the distance.

It was an unfortunate incident that changed us all forever.

After this primal outburst the builder plunged his hand into the bucket of dirty water used for dousing hot metal parts. After whining for a few minutes he went back to work.

Two hours later the robot was wired and ready for testing.

The builder, now totally excited with the thought of first light in his new killing machine, ran into the house to get his radio transmitter.

 It was too bad the builder failed to notice that a hall closet door was ajar and he caught it full force with his right shoulder.

The large bruise would heal eventually in a few months but the memory of this event would linger for years

Moving more slowly now, the builder retrieved his transmitter and returned to the garage.

The builders hands trembled slightly as he turned on the transmitter. He reached for the receiver switch and pulled it on with a satisfying click. Then in a hesitant act of hope he turned on the main power.

At this point since nothing bad had happened the builder pushed the joystick on the transmitter ever so slightly forward.  A faint whine was heard from the speed controler and the robot moved forward.  With increasing thoughts of triumph the builder moved the transmitter stick backward and the robot moved backward.

With a quick turn to the right and then to the left and all was well.

The builder no longer able to contain himself shouted ALIVE!   ALIVE!........ IT'S....... ALIVE!!!!!!!

Testing will continue and so will this story.......